every woman deserves to be beautiful

Our Vision

Beauty is a state of harmony, of balance. It is calming, natural and a constant source of joy and inspiration. BK believes that every woman deserves to be beautiful and to express her true self while living in a fulfilling, self-satisfying way.

It takes know how, talent and even a sixth sense to recognize what additions, or deductions will produce balance and harmony. The results are surprising and beautiful and so gratifying.

We chose to direct our talents, experience and knowledge of creating beauty towards a rewarding goal – to make women smile, to feel worthy and secure, to love themselves and their appearance, to receive positive feedback, and to feel complete within themselves.

We work towards this goal not just through our clients, but also by community giving. BK Wigs provides wigs and hairpieces to girls and women who have lost their hair due to illness. Our wigs give them back the confidence and sense of self that the disease has stolen. This strengthens them and gives them power to fight back.

BK Wigs is guided by the values of faith and trust, reliability and integrity, quality, leadership and service, and above all – much love and joy.