Haute Couture Wigs

Haute Couture Wigs

A custom designed wig made to order and designed with your specific features in mind. Crafted to uniquely match the size and build of your face, woven strand by strand especially for you and fashioned to flatter you perfectly.


BK’s Unique wigs are crafted in the “one piece” style. One single item custom designed for you and you alone. With careful attention to your personal sense of style and facial build, we weave a one-of-a-kind work of art especially tailored for you.


You’ll be invited to try out, experience and choose your style and we will handcraft your wig from the first and the last hair according to the modifications and adjustments that you want, guided by your preferences and insights.


The unique combination of hair coupled with the distinctive qualities of your facial structure ensures that each wig possesses its own special character. No two wigs are alike.


Your order is sent for crafting along with your photo, as the customization of your individual piece continues throughout the entire creation and styling process.


After we understand your personal style and after we conceive the perfect design for you, our hair experts will choose the highest quality hair. We use this hair to create a wig in which you will always feel your best. Our studio will design and craft the best fitting shape for your face while our stylists cut and style the wig in a contemporary, chic style.


*Haute couture is the professional term for custom designed high fashion.

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BK wigs- quality wigs

We are proud to sell the Wigs of BK worldwide, and get positive feedbacks on BK's Wigs. Wigs that adorn the heads of many elegant women around the globe.


BK wigs- quality wigs


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