Limited Editions wigs

Limited Editions

Inspired by the world of fine arts, BK Wigs produces a collection of wigs in which each piece is nothing short of a work of art. The wigs are created in limited numbered editions, each unique creation signed with its own seal and serial number as a testament to its originality as part of a specific collection.

The numbered series are a sampling of the latest trends and innovative styles. They draw inspiration from the latest looks and styles influenced by the hottest leading runway fashions and vogue events in hair and fashion.

Of course, we uphold the same maximal standards of quality enjoyed by all of the BK Wigs’ products in the limited edition pieces as well. The craftsmanship is always local, meticulously monitored and graced by a personal touch.

If you relish self expression and love being different and distinctive, astonishing and contemporary, try BK’s limited edition collections. People won’t stop asking you about your hair.