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Personal Styling

We invite you to come treat yourself to a design makeover. Do more than simply purchase or design a wig; come and experience a personal makeover by BK’s styling consultants. Polish your image with a wig cut and styled to perfectly fit your desired look. A look that will always showcase you in your most brilliant light.

Often, we feel caught in a dilemma between our desire to make our client’s fantasies come true by creating a certain look for her, while at the same time heeding our inner voice and intuition to direct her to an entirely different style that would look much better on her.

Years of study and practice in the art of hair design have provided us with the tools and the knowledge to select the best styles and designs for each woman’s facial features and shape, ensuring that she always looks her best.

Sometimes, a woman may envision herself wearing a wig that looked great on a friend while, in reality, she’d look much better wearing a completely different style. With the wrong wig, she may struggle to understand why the finished look doesn’t match her shining expectations, blaming the wig’s design or becoming ever frustrated as alteration upon alteration fails to achieve the desired results.

We encourage each woman to rethink her preconceived ideas and really contemplate if a particular design is right for her. We offer a diverse variety of wigs from our original line to try on, and help her find the perfect match and truly shine.

Sometimes, a woman may insist on a change while we feel that her current wig is the best style for her. We will find a way to update her current look with a slight tweak that will make all the difference, making her feel très chic with her classic look.

Sometimes, the opposite occures: she may feel drawn to cling to the familiar style she’s been sporting for years. While it may be flattering, we might have an idea that can let her true beauty shine even more.

Our passion for design and beauty has lead us to understand that great service means more than just selling and styling wigs. It’s about really studying your features and accentuating the best parts of you while deemphasizing the areas that don’t flatter you. If you’re open to change and if you deeply care about achieving great results, we recommend that you come and participate in a personal image consultation when buying your next wig.

You deserve to look your best!

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