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BK Wigs enhances the confidence and appearance of thousands of women around the world by bringing the beauty and artistry of hairstyling to wigs and the women who wear them.

Founder and owner Breindy trained in the art of hairstyling at the famous Vidal Sassoon in London. Vidal is known worldwide for having revolutionized women’s hairstyling in the fifties. As a result of Breindy’s innate talent, high standards, and professional training, BK Wigs are all works of art.

For 20 years, the company has been known for sought after, high quality, boutique wigs. Each wig is individually designed and created with a personal touch and to the specifications of the customer. BK Wigs offers custom-made, haute couture wigs, as well as numbered series of seasonal limited editions.

Brindie sees it as her privilege and duty to enhance the appearance and self-confidence of women around the globe. This approach guides and leads everything the company does.

BK Wigs’ policy is that each wig be made of the highest quality, natural, and unprocessed hair meticulously groomed and cut to enhance the natural features of the individual woman while incorporating global trends and style.

BK Wigs are sold in BK’s boutique salons in Jerusalem and around the world and can be seen on the heads of the most elegant and self-assured women worldwide.

BK Wigs - The Art of Hair

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BK wigs- quality wigs

We are proud to sell the Wigs of BK worldwide, and get positive feedbacks on BK's Wigs. Wigs that adorn the heads of many elegant women around the globe.


BK wigs- quality wigs


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