Haute Couture

פאות הוט קוטור - בריינדי קמינר

A wig built according to your facial features. Made according to your order.

Designed according to the size and structure of your face. Hair by hair is woven especially for you.

BK "Haute Couture" wigs are built on a ONE PIECE basis. One and only unit designed just for you. Depending on the colors and structure of your face, depending on your character and your style, we will make a work of art that is specially made from NATUAL hair.

You will be invited to try, to feel and choose, and we will create the perfect wig for you, according to your preferences and insights. As a result of your unique hair composition and structure, each wig has its "own character" like no other wig. The order is sent to be made along with your photo, and everything is custom made at every stage of the production and the design process.

After we have understood your style, and after we have decided together on the perfect design for you, our hair experts will choose the best quality hair for your wig ,which you will always feel your best with. Our studio team will design the most correct wig for your face structure and the designers will cut and design the wig in a modern style.

-The uniqueness of custom wigs The main difference between ready-made wigs and custom wigs is the customization.

Custom wigs allow you to get a wig in your design according to your personal style. Custom wigs allow you to choose the wig shade, length and desired hair structure. Custom wigs are luxurious wigs made of natural hair and designed by hand according to your personal taste. The most significant advantage is the way the wig lays on your real hair.

Thanks to the unique creation in combination with our lace film, a completely clean and natural look is obtained to such an extent that it is hard to feel that it is a custom wig. This series contains luxury wigs customized to your facial features, made uniquely for you..

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BK wigs- quality wigs

We are proud to sell the Wigs of BK worldwide, and get positive feedbacks on BK's Wigs. Wigs that adorn the heads of many elegant women around the globe.

BK wigs- quality wigs


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