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What are medical wigs? And how are they different from non-medical wigs?

The most important thing in life is to be healthy. When we have to deal with different diseases like cancer, a disease like alopecia or trichotillomania, our physical and emotional coping is not easy. Part of dealing with these diseases requires dealing with our hair loss and the possibility of not having any hair at all. In order to make this struggle easier, we can choose to wear a wig.

Medical wigs for women with cancer or for women suffering from various medical conditions can help them cope emotionally and socially better with their disease. In fact, medical wigs are wigs like any other wig, but they can be adapted to sensitive skin types so that those who wear it will not have to suffer from irritation caused by the wig's contact with their head.

Medical wigs as part of the recovery process Cancer is characterized by the symptoms of hair loss after chemotherapy treatments. Another well-known disease is alopecia, which causes sudden hair loss. Our hair is the frame of the face and it gives us self-confidence - especially for women. Such situations in which the hair falls out can cause stress and mental pressure that often slows down the recovery process.

The medical wig can improve the feeling and give you comfort during the treatments, which often results in a significant improvement in the healing process. Custom made medical wigs for every woman Every woman can order custom made wigs.

The custom made wig can be reflected in the choice of the color and the type of hair it will be designed - curly hair or straight hair.

Custom made wig is built according to our head sizes and the structure of your face. Women with a thin facial structure, for example, can choose a wig with a shorter hairstyle, so that the hair of the wig will give their face more volume.

Medical wigs - how do we make a medical wig? The production of medical wigs is a stricter production than the production of normal wigs. Many times women who suffer from various diseases such as alopecia, trichotillomania and various types of cancer are more sensitive to fabrics and things that come in contact with their body skin.

The production of wigs for these women requires the use of materials that do not cause allergies or skin irritation. Making wigs from materials that can be adapted to deal with allergies can allow these women to deal better with their disease in terms of their appearance and self-confidence.

Medical wigs - what types of wigs are there?

There are many different types of medical wigs, just like there are many types of normal wigs. Today, with the new technology and techniques available in the production of wigs, it is possible to make a custom-made wig for every woman according to her personal desire and preference.

You can choose wigs in different lengths such as long hair wigs or short hair wigs. You can choose to design the wigs in a variety of different colors, including highlights exactly the same way you do on natural hair so that we can achieve the type of shade that suits you the best

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